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<tc>Bib & Brace</tc> FORMEN LIGHT

<tc>Bib & Brace</tc> FORMEN LIGHT

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Sturdy men's work overalls made of durable fabric. Conveniently located pockets, there is a place for a mobile phone and keys, places for additional knee protection, additionally reinforced places at the pockets, knees and bottom of the pants.

Perfect for use in a variety of jobs in construction, metal and woodworking, auto repair, warehousing, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and more.

Main features:

  • Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton
  • Fabric density: 270 g/m2
  • Color: Shown in first photo
  • Planned spec. attachment points for tools, phone, keys
  • There are pockets for knee pads
  • Additionally reinforced fabric at the bottom of the legs, pockets and at the knees
  • No harmful substances - meets the OEKO-TEX® 100 standard


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This product is classified as personal protective equipment (PPE) as defined by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council and complies with the regulation of this directive.Classified as Category I - only with minimal hazards.

Standards: EN ISO 13688:2013 "Protective clothing.General requirements."; EN ISO 12947-2:2016 "Textiles.The abrasion resistance of fabrics was determined by the Martindale method.2 part.Determination of the specimen."; Manufacturer's internal technical specification: RS22301:2018, RS22302:2018.

Purpose: This product is a personal protective device designed to protect the user from minimal hazards, e.g.: Superficial mechanical injuries that do not require medical attention, e.g., scratches caused by constant obstacles; contact with hot surfaces, the temperature of which is not higher than 50°C (during the test, the duration of contact with the hot surface was 30 seconds).The level of protection has been determined based on tests carried out in accordance with the norms/specifications to which they apply.The product protects against the aforementioned hazards and is intended for use in the environment where they occur.Always carry out a risk assessment in a given work environment to check that the product provides protection against all hazards present in that environment.

Restrictions: Do not use the product, except for the intended purpose, the recommendations given in the instructions, under medium conditions and high risk (for which it is appropriate to apply measures to protect separate categories II and III) and when the type of work is related to the risk of the product being connected to moving objects, e.g., moving machine parts that involve health or safety hazards.This product does not protect the body parts it does not cover.Protection against hazards and risks not specified in the instructions is not guaranteed.

Use and care: The product is a personal protective device of a simple design, the level of effectiveness of which can be assessed by the user in relation to minimal hazards.It is the personal responsibility of the user to ensure that the protective functions of the product are ensured.The product must be put on.If the product has any fasteners, it is necessary to fasten (fasten) them.If the product has fasteners, it is necessary to fasten them.It is necessary to pay attention that the product fits comfortably and provides freedom of movement (for this purpose, it is necessary to adjust all types of adjustments, if any).To take off the product, first unfasten all previously fastened/fastened fasteners and untie previously fastened elements, if any.If the product is worn together with other personal protective equipment, it is necessary to ensure the general protective functions, taking into account the purpose.In each case, the requirements are paramount.Before wearing, it is the user's responsibility to check whether the product is suitable for the intended work activities, whether it is complete and whether all protective functions are ensured.It is necessary to check for damages that could negatively affect the protective functions (e.g., cracks, holes, broken seams, damaged fasteners, scratches).If such a negative effect occurs, it is necessary to restore the previous proper condition of the product before wearing (contact the manufacturer or an authorized representative of the manufacturer), and if this is not possible, it is necessary to replace it.It is also necessary to pay attention during work in order to preserve the protective functions.Do not use a damaged or worn product.The product has no additional equipment or spare parts.The exception is pants with pockets on knee pads.This type of pants can be used with additional knee pads.Instructions for use of road protection devices: 1.Put on the knee protector and put it in the pocket according to the marking on the protector and then place it so that it fits well against the knee. 2If the pocket has a zipper, e.g.The sticker must first be unzipped after inserting the protective device and must be fastened. 3To remove the safety device, you need to unfasten the fastener (if present), bend the safety device and remove it from the pocket.Before using protective equipment, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for the road protective equipment.The materials from which the product is made should not adversely affect the health or hygiene of the user.However, every substance that is included in the product can cause allergies, e.g., cotton, leather, metallic elements, latex, dyes, etc.Especially sensitive people are recommended to test the product or consult a doctor before wearing.

Size: The product should be the right size, which must be selected by measuring before starting work.The size of the product is indicated directly on the product or on the inner sleeve or on the packaging.Available sizes are listed in the "SIZES" field.

Cleaning, care and disinfection: Instructions for care and cleaning are provided in the package of each product.It is recommended to use commercially available cleaning and care products for certain types of materials that do not adversely affect the user.Products that do not have inserts with care and cleaning instructions should only be cleaned with a damp, soft cloth and dried when spread out.It is not recommended to use any additional disinfection methods or means, as they may weaken the level of protection.

Storage: The product should be stored at a suitable temperature, in a dry, well-ventilated place.High humidity, too high or low temperature or strong lighting can have a negative effect on the quality.The manufacturer is not responsible for the quality of the product if the product is stored without following the recommendations.This may reduce the protection level of the product.

Obtained mechanical defects must be repaired or the product must be discontinued.With proper storage, the product's shelf life can be up to 10 years from the date of manufacture (up to 6 years if the clothing contains polyurethane).This period may be extended after appropriate testing.The date of manufacture is indicated on the secondary packaging or the product.Comes with a lot number, e.g., 290120191234; Explanations: The third and fourth digits indicate the month of manufacture, and the next four digits indicate the year of manufacture.The remaining and previously mentioned digits indicate the batch number.If this instruction ceases to be valid due to changes in laws or other circumstances, it is necessary to download a new version.

Before starting work, check that you have the latest (correct) instructions for use of the product you have, familiarize yourself with its contents and keep it for the duration of the use of the protective device.If the markings in the manual do not match the markings on the product or packaging, then you may have an instruction manual for another batch of goods or another product.Do not start work if you have not familiarized yourself with the latest (correct) instruction manual! In case of any doubts, it is necessary to contact the OSH specialist, the manufacturer or the authorized representative of the manufacturer to clarify the doubts.

According to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and Council Article 17 1, all labeling may not appear on the product.

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