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Apsauginė kaukė SECURA MAS 3100

Apsauginė kaukė SECURA MAS 3100

Įprasta kaina €28,00 EUR
Įprasta kaina Išpardavimo kaina €28,00 EUR
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Respirator, complete with appropriate filtering elements is a respiratory protective device that protects the respiratory system against harmful effects of aerosols (dust, fumes, mists), vapors, and gases and their combination.

Respirator is made of high-quality materials with a silicone facepiece. Thanks to his innovative design and a small number of components, the respirator is easy to use and clean. The new four-points had harness ensures maximum working comfort even in the most difficult conditions and benefit from a convenient and reliable strapping at the back of the head. The bayonet connections provide a quick and secure mounting of filters. 

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